$43 Million: Behind a Big Verdict, a Brutal Accident

Avanzino & Moreno made headlines last year, achieving a noteworthy $43,080,000 verdict on behalf of our client. That’s a big, splashy number, and we understand why people might focus on it. And, to be honest, we’re rightly proud of our accomplishment in this case and every case we take to help everyday people seek the justice they deserve.

Because when we go to battle on behalf of our clients, we aren’t thinking about a number. We’re thinking about a person. About their pain and suffering after an accident that could have been avoided, or a medical procedure gone wrong. About their family and the new challenges they will need to face together.

And about how we can help them face these challenges. Specifically, how we can get them the financial resources needed to pay for the doctors, in-home care, special equipment and more that the victim will face over possibly decades of living after a serious accident.

We also want to make sure that whoever or whatever caused the accident—poorly trained employees, sloppy work, unrepaired parts, whatever it may be—is corrected and, if appropriate, punished for their bad behavior.

So while we understand the tendency to “celebrate” a $43 million verdict, we won’t do that. We’ll celebrate that a measure of justice was achieved for a suffering child. And we’re already working hard on the next case and the one after that. If you’ve been injured and need help getting the justice you deserve, call us at Avanzino & Moreno, 718-802-1616.

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