National Safety Month

The month of June is designated as National Safety Month. This month’s mission is to assist in reducing the primary causes of injury and death at work and in our communities. This month our focus is on Construction safety. 1/5 of all work-related fatalities are in construction.

The “Fatal Four” accident causes

Working on a construction site is incredibly dangerous. OSHA has been able to target the top four causes of accidents, dubbed the “Fatal Four” by OSHA. The program focuses on lowering the risks associated with the four most common causes of workplace deaths. These are some examples:

  1. Falling

  2. Getting electrocuted

  3. Getting struck by objects

  4. Getting caught in between or crushed by large objects

General Preventive Measures

  1. Employers, implement training programs that focus on teaching employees about workplace safety. Employers, attending training programs.

  2. Provide your employees with the personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools they need to execute their tasks safely. Employees utilize protective clothing and gear.

  3. Report unsafe conditions immediately.

  4. Learn how to use potentially dangerous equipment such as scaffolds, ladders, forklifts, machinery and the like.

Contractors and construction workers can avoid the consequences of an on-the-job injury or death by implementing accident prevention practices in these and other crucial areas.

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