New York City traffic deaths increased during COVID-19 Quarantine

As COVID-19 began to spread, many New Yorkers began to work remotely causing a decline in cars on the road compared to the previous years.

Despite the decrease in cars on the road nationwide, the death rate drastically increased in 2020. In New York City, at least 243 people have died in car accidents making this the deadliest year since 2014, according to the New York Times. With the decline in traffic, many people wondered how the rate of accidents could have increased. Studies show when there is a decrease in traffic, there is also a decrease in fatal accidents.

What was the difference in 2020 from prior years?

As many people began to experience changes in their daily activities, vehicles became an escape and the safest option for travel. During the pandemic, driving was the safer route versus public transportation. Also, New Yorkers began to see the empty road as the perfect opportunity to speed recklessly. During the year, New York City issued twice as many speeding tickets per day compared to the year prior. Officials stated that most of the fatal crashes were due to high speeds.

Taking precautions on New York City Roads

We must take precautions while on the road. Emptier roads do not equal safer roads. Follow the traffic laws and pay attention while behind the wheel.

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