New York Elevator Safety Law

While New York City is one of the most elevator-density places in the world, the laws of New York to protect workers from accidents are weak. However, this is bound to change thanks to the new Legislation on the Safety of Elevators, signed by Andrew Cuomo. The Elevator Safety Act has been developed to pave the way for safer elevators from the original design through years of use. However, it won’t go into effect until January 2022 due to a deal struck with state legislators.

What is the Elevator Safety Act?

According to the bill, the Elevator Safety Act “requires all workers engaged in the design, construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair of elevators or other automated people moving conveyances to be licensed by New York State.” Under the Act, the state of New York will grant three licenses on the basis of the position of the worker which includes: an elevator contractor license, elevator mechanics license, and an elevator inspector license. The department of buildings would also be expected to maintain a public registry of approved mechanics, contractors, and inspectors. In addition to the public registry, the New York State Elevator Safety and Standards Advisory Board were set up to help set safety standards in the future.

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