New York State Law Now Requires Rear Seat Passengers in New York to Wear a SeatbeltNew York State Law Now Requires Rear Seat Passengers in New York to Wear a Seatbelt

On November 1, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed legislation that requires all passengers in a motor vehicle to wear their seatbelt. Before the recent changes, New York state law only required the driver and the front-seat passenger to wear their seatbelts.

What are the penalties?

The penalties for not wearing a seatbelt in the backseat vary. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that all passengers under the age of 16 are wearing a seatbelt. If there are any passengers under 16 not wearing a seatbelt, the driver can receive a fine of up to $100. On the other hand, any passengers or drivers over the age of 16 can receive a fine of up to $50. Along with that fine, drivers can have penalty points added to their license.

Seatbelt Safety Statistics

Since the initial 1984 seatbelt law, seat belt usage has increased to 90%. However, according to the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, unbuckled passengers account for 30% of all highway deaths in New York. Safety experts stated that approximately two out of three of these fatalities can be prevented with the updated seatbelt law.

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