Notice of Claim? Filing Deadlines? What Do You Mean?

If you are injured and a municipality, such as:

City of New York,

The New York City Transit Authority and other municipal transit systems,

The New York City Housing Authority,

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and

The New York City Board of Education

is involved, a notice of claim must be served:

in writing,

within 90 days of the event which caused your injury

on the appropriate municipality or public authority.

These written notices of claim have to contain certain specific information to be valid and in most cases must be notarized.

If you do not file a notice of claim, you may not be able to bring an action in court for legal relief or damages.

Even after filing the notice of claim , there are other statutory deadlines for the filing of a lawsuit different from the deadlines for filing a lawsuit against a private entity.

For instance, if you have a potential case aginst against the City of New York, not only must you file a notice of claim, but any lawsuit based on that claim must be filed within 1year and 90 days of the event, or accient, which is the basis of the lawsuit.

These deadlines may also vary depending on who is bringing the claim, for instance, if the claimant/plaintiff is an infant or a person under legal disability.

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