We’re expecting our first storm of the season, and more are on their way. The flakes will look so beautiful as they fall, but as the snow accumulates, so does the danger. Issues with cold apartments and highway accidents are common in the worst weather, but in a pedestrian city like NYC the concerns about slipping and falling can last for weeks.

What can you do to protect yourself? It’s mostly common sense: wear proper footwear, stay indoors during the height of a storm, and use caution when walking afterwards. Stay especially vigilant for icy patches, and if you need help to get over a snowdrift or iced-over area, don’t be afraid to ask.

But sometimes nature—and our less-helpful neighbors—conspire against us and we fall, and possibly get seriously injured. If you have more than a slight bruise, you may want to call the expert team at Avanzino & Moreno at (718) 802-1616 to discuss if your situation meets the key criteria for a successful slip and fall lawsuit:

– Did the property owner (or their employee) fail to recognize and repair or remove a dangerous condition (i.e. an ice patch or a snow drift blocking the sidewalk)

– Did the property owner (or their employee) actually cause the dangerous condition, such as by shoveling snow out of their driveway onto the public sidewalk or by allowing trickling water to form an ice patch?

And on your side, did you:

– pay proper attention while you were walking?