When Toys Turn Terrible

Product liability is a significant concern for everyone who lives in our modern world. From children’s toys to grownup toys like cars, motorcycles, sporting equipment and more, products are manufactured and sold on the basic understanding that they are safe to use.

But what happens when something goes wrong? A cover breaks, exposing electrical wires or a toxic substance. A part wears out, allowing break fluid to leak away. A design flaw makes a product inherently dangerous to use in the real world. These situations occur all the time, and can be anything from mildly annoying to deadly.

As always we hope that the products you use are safe, but due to negligence and cutting corners, it’s always possible that product manufacturers are liable for any accidents or injuries that occur while using their products.

If you’ve been hurt by a product and you think you may have a product liability case, call Avanzino & Moreno at (718) 802-1616 and let us advise you with a free consultation. You may be entitled to payments for medical costs as well as the pain and suffering the faulty product has caused you.

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